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3towers Observatory All Sky Cam


The Moonglow Technologies All Sky Cam  (ASC) gives a live video view of the entire sky day or night no matter the weather.  The camera and its lens are in a sealed glass dome with attached cables.  It has a 190 degree hemispherical field of view giving a circular fisheye projection.  The chip is a Color 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD II with 546 x 457 effective pixels across the field of view.  The exposure is set automatically by the camera depending on the brightness of the sky.  It ranges from 1/100,000 second to 4 seconds.  The exposure cannot be controlled by the operator.  An NTSC 60 Hz interlaced video feed shows a live image in a standard video monitor.

The camera comes with a 120 Volt AC power supply.  The camera with its 1.24 mm f/2.8 three element lens is housed in a sealed anodized aluminum housing with a glass dome, 25 foot extension cable, proper adapters, and cable weatherproofing sealant.  The glass dome protects the camera from rain, snow, and hail.  The accessory ASC Uploader for Windows is an optional package designed for capturing, archive, animating, and storing digitized images from the video feed to one's computer or for uploading to the internet.

The All Sky Cam and optional ASC Uploader were installed at the 3towers Observatory in December 2011.  The camera was placed on the highest point of the house roof mounted 40-inches above the roof with a long J pole mount attached to the roof.  The cable from the camera was threaded through 1/2" conduit down the north side of the house and through a wall conduit at the side of the house a foot above ground level.  The cable inside the house goes to the power supply for the camera and to the controlling computer.  On the north side of the house there is a Hawking Technology Outdoor Wireless Access Point for data transmission between the house and the observatory, which sits 220 feet north of the house.

All Sky Camera

All Sky Camera, conduit, and outdoor wireless router

All Sky Camera, conduit, outdoor wireless router


  ALL Sky Cam Images


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