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3towers Observatory Lunar Features: Geminus - Hypatia

All images are oriented with the Lunar North at the top and the Lunar West to the left. The Lunar features are usually listed by their Latin names as taken from Rukl 2004.

(See also The Lunar 100)


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Lunar Feature Lunar Age in days (rounded down) Thumbnail Image Comments
Geminus 16 days Geminus  
Hainzel 13 days Hainzel Hainzel is the odd shaped crater just below center. The crater at top center is Capuanus.
Harpalus 20.67 days Harpalus  
Hercules, Atlas 16 day Atlas and Hercules Hercules is the crater with a small inner crater.  Atlas is next to Hercules and has dark spots.   Endymion is the large, flat crater Northeast of Atlas.
Hevelius, Cavalerius 13 days Hevelius From center top to bottom the craters are Reiner, Cavalarius, and Hevelius. Reiner Gamma is partially visualized at top center.
Hypatia 7 days Hypatia Theophilus and Cyrillus are the prominent craters below center. Madler is to the East (right) of them. Hypatia is the smaller, flat keyhole shaped crater above and left of center. It is on the Western Edge of Sinus Asperitatis which occupies most of the center of the image. Mare Nectaris is at the lower right hand corner of the image.