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3towers Observatory Lunar Features: John Herschel - Licetus

All images are oriented with the Lunar North at the top and the Lunar West to the left. The Lunar features are usually listed by their Latin names as taken from Rukl 2004.

(See also The Lunar 100)


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Lunar Feature Lunar Age in days (rounded down) Thumbnail Image Comments
John Herschel 12.33 days John Herschel John Herschel is the large flat crater with  small inner craters above and right of center. North of it is Anaximander.  South of John Herschel is Babbage with a large shadowed inner crater.  
Kepler 11.7 days Kepler  
Kepler 12.3 days Kepler  
Kepler 14.7 days Kepler  
Kepler 21.7 days Kepler  
Kepler 23.6 days Kepler  
Kepler 23.7 days Kepler  
Lacus Somniorum 6 days Lacus Somniorum Lacus Somniorum is the Mare in the center of the image above the crater Posidonius. The Eastern portion of Mare Serenitatis is evident, mainly in shadow.
Lame 14.9 days Lame  
Last Quarter Montage 22 days Montage of Last Quarter Moon  
LeVerrier 10 days LeVerrier LeVerrier is the crater bottom center. To the West of it is Helicon which is slightly larger. Plato is near the upper right hand corner. Sinus Iridum lies near the terminator.
Licetus, Cuvier 7.6 days Licetus Cuvier