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3towers Observatory Lunar Features: Mare Humorum - Neander

All images are oriented with the Lunar North at the top and the Lunar West to the left. The Lunar features are usually listed by their Latin names as taken from Rukl 2004.

(See also The Lunar 100)


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Lunar Feature Lunar Age in days (rounded down) Thumbnail Image Comments
Mare Humorum 11.6 days Mare Humorum  
Mare Humorum 23.66 days Mare Humorum  
Mare Nectaris-Mare Fecunditatis 6 days Mare Nectaris Montage showing Mare Nectaris and Mare Fecunditatis.
Mare Nubium

10 days Mare Nubium Bullialdus is the prominent crater with the central peak left of center.
Mare Serenitatis 9.3 days Mare Serenitatis  
Meton 7.7 days Meton 7.7 days  
Mons Piton, Cassini 9.7 days Mons Piton and Cassini  
Montes Caucasus 9.7 days Montes Caucasus  
Moretus 8.75 days Moretus 8.75 days  
Moretus 9.9 days Moretus 9.9 days  
Mount Clementine 14.1 days


Mount Clementine

The features around the Moons South Pole are labeled.

Mount Clementine is on the far side of the Moon beyond the South Pole of the Moon. It was visible at a favorable libration on December 23, 2007.
Nasmyth and Phocylides 13.34 days Nasmyth and Phocylides  
Neander and Rheita 4.5 days Nender and Rheita