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3towers Observatory Lunar Features: Piccolomini - Werner

All images are oriented with the Lunar North at the top and the Lunar West to the left. The Lunar features are usually listed by their Latin names as taken from Rukl 2004.

(See also The Lunar 100)


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Lunar Feature Lunar Age in days (rounded down) Thumbnail Image Comments
Piccolomini 5.4 days Piccolimini Piccolomini is the peaked crater above and to the right of center. The Altai Scarp extends to the Northwest from Piccolomini.
Plinius 6.2 days Plinius Plinius lies on the boundary between Mare Serenitatis to the North and Mare Tranquillitatis to the South.
Rima Sharp 12.33 days Rima Sharp  
Rimae Fresnel 7.7 days Rimae Fresnel  
Seleucus, Schiaparelli 13 days Seleucius and Schiaparelli Seleucus is the large crater left of center. In the shadows is the larger crater Eddington. Schiaparelli is the smaller crater right of center.
Sinus Medii 21 days Sinus Medii  
Southeastern Limb of the Moon 5.6 days Southeastern limb of the Moon  
Southern Highlands Montage 22 days Southern Highlands  
Southern Limb Montage 5 days Southern limb of the Moon  
Stevinus and Funerius 16 days Stevinus and Funerius  
Stofler & Faraday 7.6 days Stofler and Faraday  
Ten Day Old Moon Montage 10 days Montage of Ten Day Old Moon  
Walther 7.6 days Walther  
Werner Aliacensis 8.75 Werner Aliacensis 8.75 day