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Grasslands Observatory Objects with Common Names: A-G


All images are oriented with the North at the top and the West to the right


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Other Name(s) Type of Object Thumbnail Image Comments
Antares & environs    

Antares and environs 300 mm lens

These image shows Antares, Milky Way nebulosity, and the globular clusters NGC6144 (above center) and M4 (near the right edge).
Antennae; Ringtail Galaxy; Caldwell 60-61 NGC4038+4039; Arp244 Interacting Galaxies ngc4038(Arp244).TIF (2737739 bytes)
AP7 image







PlaneWave CDK24 24-inch f/6.5 telescope image

Baade's Window NGC6522 & NGC6528 Globular Clusters near the center of the Milky Way Baade's Window Walter Baade was unable to observe the Galactic center itself due to obscuring dust, but he found regions of less obscuration close to the heart of the Milky Way, including “Baade’s window,” which is centered around NGC 6528 (left) and NGC 6522 (right) in Sagittarius. The bright star off the frame south of NGG6528 is Gamma Sgr (10 Sgr) magnitude 3.63.
Baade's Window NGC6520 & Barnard 86 Cluster and dark nebula near the center of the Milky Way Baade's Window on the evening of Friday September 7, 2018

Baade's Window on the evening of Friday September 7, 2018, labeled image

The Sky X shows a slightly dfferent region for Baaede's Window. In this version it is centered around NGC6520 and Barnard 86.



Labeled image

Barnard's Galaxy; Caldwell 57 NGC6822 Small, Irregular Galaxy NGC6822  
Beehive Cluster M44; NGC2632; Praesepe Galactic (Open) Cluster M44 on the evening of April 14, 2018  
Black eye Galaxy M64; NGC4826 Spiral Galaxy M64


Meade LXD75 8-inch f/4 image with QSI 532 CCD

Blinking Planetary NGC6826; Caldwell15 Planetary Nebula NGC6826  
Bok Globule B335 B335 Dark Nebula  
Bowshock Nebula Abell 35 Complex Nebular Region Abell 35  
Bowtie Nebula NGC40; Caldwell 2 Planetary Nebula NGC40 (Caldwell 2)  
Bubble Nebula; Caldwell 11 NGC7635 Nebula bubble.jpg (60974 bytes)
HPC-1 Image

Dream Machine image

Meade LXD75 image

NGC7635-Bubble Nebula

QSI 532 CCD on TPO 16-inch RC telescope

Bug Nebula NGC6302; Caldwell 69 Planetary Nebula  
Butterfly Nebula See Gamma Cygnus below      
Canopus & the Winter Milky Way     Sixty-second exposure with Nikon D100 digital camera set at ISO 1600 using an 8 mm f/3.5 lens.
Cat's Eye Nebula; Caldwell 6 NGC6543; Caldwell 6 Planetary Nebula NGC6543 is the tiny planetary nebula to the right of center. Next to it is the irregular galaxy IC4677. On the left edge of the image is NGC6552.
Cave Nebula; Caldwell 9 Sh2-155 Bright Nebula Cave Nebula on the evening of Saturday September 8, 2018  
Cigar Galaxy M82; NGC3034; Arp337 Galaxy M82


Center of the Milky Way     Center of the Milky Way


Center of the Milkyway labeled

This Takahashi Epsilon 180 f/2.8 image with a Canon 20da camera is aimed at the center of the Milky Way.

The image has been labeled to show some of the open clusters and regions of nebulosity near the center of the Milky.  The actual center is hidden from optical view by gas and dust.

Cleopatra's Eye NGC1535 Planetary Nebula NGC1535; Cleopatra's Eye  
Clown Nebula Sh2-112 Bright Nebula  
Cocoon Nebula; Caldwell 19 IC5146 Star Cluster with associated nebulosity Cocoon Nebula

Cocoon Nebula




Takahashi Epsilon 180 image with Canon 20Da camera.   Six 10-minute exposures combined.

Coma Berenices star cluster Mel 111 Large open cluster Coma Berenices star cluster


Only the very center of this large cluster is shown.
Coma Berenices star cluster Mel 111 Large open cluster Coma Berenices Star Cluster


Only the very center of this large cluster is shown.
Coma Cluster

Abell1656; NGC4889, NGC4884; UGC8110; Caldwell 35

Galaxy Cluster Coma Galaxy Cluster  

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Other Name(s) Type of Object Thumbnail Image Comments
Cone Nebula and Christmas Tree Cluster NGC2264 Dark Nebula Christmas Tree Cluster and Cone Cluster

Cone Nebula

cone.jpg (66276 bytes)
HPC-1 Image
conebw.jpg (31514 bytes)
HPC-1 Image

Dream Machine Image







Crab Nebula M1; NGC1952 Supernova remnant M1






Takahashi Epsilon 180 image with Canon 20da camera.   Three 5-min exposures combined

Crescent Nebula; Caldwell 27 NGC6888 Bright Nebula NGC6888 (Crescent Nebula; Caldwell 27) on the evening of November 5, 2018

Barnard 145 and the Crescent Nebula (NGC6888)

Crystal Ball Nebula NGC1514 Planetary Nebula  
Double Cluster NGC869/884; Caldwell 14 Open Clusters Double Cluster
Takahashi Epsilon 130 image with Nikon D100 digital camera. Two minute exposure.

Double Cluster

Takahashi Epsilon 160 image with Canon 20Da.

Double Cluster

Montage of the Double Cluster with the 24-inch f/5 telescope.

Double Cluster

ASA 20-inch f/3.5 telescope image

Double Cluster
135 mm f/2.8 telephoto lens. Two minute exposure. Nikon D100 camera, ISO 1600.

300 mm f/2.8 Canon 20Da image.
Dumbell Nebula M27; NGC6853 Planetary Nebula M27  
Elephant's Trunk Nebula Elephant's Trunk Nebula (inside IC1396) Complex mixture of Reflection, Emission, and Dark Nebulae IC1396  
E-Nebula; Triple Cave Barnard 143/142 Dark Nebula Barnard 143 and 142 Takahashi Epsilon 180 image with Canon 60Da camera.   Eight 5-minute exposures median combined.
Eskimo Nebula NGC2392; Caldwell 39 Planetary Nebula Eskimo Nebula


The Eyes NCG4438+4435; Arp120 Interacting Galaxies Arp 120 (NGC4438/4435) on the morning of April 8, 2018  
Fireworks Galaxy NGC6946; Arp29; Caldwell 12 Galaxy NGC6946 (Arp29; Caldwell 12; Fireworks Galaxy)  
Flame Nebula NGC2024 Nebula FlameColor.jpg (54797 bytes)
Dream Machine Image
This image consists of six 60-second Red (R) exposures, six 60-second Green (V) exposures, and nine 60-second Blue (B) exposures added together. The bright star overwhelming the right side of the image is Alnitak (Zeta Orionis; magnitude 1.74).
Flaming Star Nebula IC405; Caldwell 31 Bright Nebula IC405
Dream Machine image

Meade LDX55 image with ISO 400 color negative film. Thirty minute exposure.


Takahashi Epsilon 180 image


In the Dream Machine image the bright star at the lower edge of the nebulosity is SAO 57816 at magnitude ~ 5.6.


The LXD55 image is a 30-minute exposure on Kodak Royal Gold ASA 400 film.






The Takahashi image consists of three 15-minute exposures combined.


This image shows the field of IC405 with objects and stars labeled.

Gamma Ray Burster 030329 GRB 030329 ???  
Gamma Cygnus Region The region around Gamma Cygnus is at the heart of the Cygnus Milky Way with a complex mixture of emission nebulae, stars, and dust clouds IC1318; Sharpless 2-108 (Sh2-108)

Gamma Cygnus Region      
Gamma Cygnus Region   IC1318; Sharpless 2-108 (Sh2-108)  
Ghost of Jupiter Nebula NGC3242; Caldwell 59 Planetary Nebula  
Gum 5 Sharpless 2-301 Nebula. This is a small portion of a much larger nebular complex. Gum.jpg (57711 bytes)  

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