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Interesting Objects with Common Names

Horsehead Nebula PlaneWave CDK24 image
The Horsehead Nebula (IC434)


There are many objects that have a common name(s) associated with them as well as their more formal catalog name(s). Some of these unusual and beautiful objects are pictured here. Many of these color images were first obtained with the original 24-inch f/5 reflector at the Grasslands Observatory from 1996-2014 (see Grasslands Operations- Imaging).

At the present time all imaging is done remotely using a PlaneWave CDK24 24-inch f/6.5 telescope and FLI Proline 9000 CCD, an ASA 20-inch f/3.5 astrograph and FLI Proline 9000 CCD, or a TPO RC 16-inch f/8 telescope and a QSI 532 CCD or a Finger Lakes E2v CCD. Either on-site or remote imaging with a Takahashi Epsilon 180 f/2.8 telescope and a Canon 60Da camera is also sometimes done.

Almost all of the images on this website are displayed with the north to the top and east to the left, standard astronomical orientation. This is to provide consistency in image display and orientation from object to object and from year to year.


tbh 28 April 2014; revised 16 June 2016; revised 5 May 2017; revised 24 March 2018

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